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Sugar Land Neuropsychology was established in 2015 to provide premier neuropsychological testing to South-East Texas.


Our focus is to provide our patients with a positive experience in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Neuropsychological testing is a highly specialized area of practice and our goal is to exceed our patient's expectations.

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We get it; some people just hate talking on the phone. So send us an email below. We try to respond same-day, but sometimes it takes until the next business day. We can't discuss specific protected health information via email without a signed release (due to privacy laws) but we can respond to general questions and inquiries. Of course, if it's urgent give us a call.

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A. David Dvali

Practice Director

David's background is in IT and systems development. He has worked for major telecoms, consulting firms, and oil companies throughout his career. David manages all the behind-the-scenes tasks to keep things running smoothly; from billing and marketing, to maintaining our website and social media streams, to IT issues. David is a native of Canada and still occasionally slips when writing (pay cheque, labour, flavour) and speaking ("PRO-cess", "x y zed"). Beyond this he is the proud father to Isabella and Charles, and spends most of his working time trying to undo what Dr. Larery managed to do to her computer.

Summer Sanderson

Clinical Assistant

Summer is the first person you're likely to speak to when you call the office; lucky you! She is the one who keeps us all on track and manages the daily activities of the office. Summer has a graduate degree in English and extensive experience with management and marketing. She is truly a renaissance woman as there is simply nothing she can't do and we tend to lean on her heavily and she never fails to exceed our expectations.

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